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Clio-Caucasus is an interdisciplinary portal for reseach on the South Caucasus. The search function enables access free of charge to scientific information on history, languages, literatures, politics and cultures of the South Caucasian countries and regions.

Clio-Caucasus is a scientific portal for specialists in history and culture (and other humanities subjects) of the South Caucasus. All information on our internet pages respect scientific standards and are catalogued in accordance with international standards of libraries.

The main goals of this page are the exchange of ideas and the distribution of scientific information and mutual exchange of well-founded knowledge. Special attention is paid to the topics of history, culture and conflicts. Furthermore, the permanent professional dialogue between representatives of the warring factions shall be kept alive, and a basis secured for the dismantling of mutual concepts of enemies.

Clio-Caucasus aims to gather new papers and works by historians, sociologists, cultural studies’ scholars and specialists focused on conflicts, and to gather sources, links, archive footage and further relevant documents.

Clio-Caucaus offers a platform to all who are interested in the critical engagement with official historiographies as they exist in textbooks.

Furthermore, this projects aims to support young scholars (as doctoral candidates, teachers and students) from the South Caucasian republics.

Along with the goals mentioned thus far, the following may be added:

-          Sustained exchange of information as part of this platform, including lasting cooperation of professionals;

-          Presentation of international debates and discussions of the scholarly research, free from political bias;

-          Presentation of current methods of international historiography, shared training on the basis of these methods;

-          Integration of war experiences from other societies into the discussion of conflicts in the South Caucasus (such as the history of Franco-German, German-Polish relations) in order to find solutions; 

-          Presentation and discussion of new teaching materials;

-          Realization of a lasting process for studying history (“learning and discussing together”) etc.

Clio-Caucasus is a collective project consisting of various institutes, which gathers new materials and makes contact with new partners in scholarship.

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